Some different ways to quit smoking

For many decades now, it has been know that smoking is extremely harmful for your health. For this reason, millions of smokers attempt to quit every year. Unfortunately, the majority of them are unsuccessful. The good news is that today, there exist plenty of different tools to help you quit smoking, ranging from prescription medication to newer options such as electronic cigarettes. Here are a few you might want to consider if you have been unsuccessful at quitting smoking in the past.

1. Prescription drugs
Your results will vary, but prescription pills such as Chantix are worth trying. To be sure, even with the help of prescription pills, quitting smoking can still be a challenge. It’s not quite as easy as the commercials make it seem. But if you have not been able to quit using other means, you should definitely talk to your doctor about medications you can try.

2. Nicotine patches
People have varying results with patches, but they might be worth checking out. I personally don’t think patches are the most effective, since it does not address the oral element of smoking. Nevertheless, some people have good results using patches, so they are worth considering. Note that patches can be quite expensive, but you can also get generic brands at stores like Walmart and Target.

3. Nicotine lozenges and gum
Nicorette is probably the most famous brand of nicotine gums and lozenges, but there are other options out there as well.

4. E-cigarettes
Electronic cigarettes have only been on the market for a few years, but they have exploded in popularity. These devices look like regular cigarettes and deliver a vapor that contains nicotine. However, the do not contain all the other carcinogens found in regular tobacco smoke. Millions of people have begun using e-cigs in favor of regular cigarettes, so these products seem to have a lot of appeal. I recommend trying the Halo Cig brand if you decide to try this approach to quitting smoking. Check out to get Halo e-cigarettes at a discount using current online coupons.

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