Is trucking a good field to get into?

I’ve seen a number of news stories recently that talk about how trucking schools take advantage of students by taking their money and not adequately preparing them for a career in trucking. In addition I’ve read some articles that suggest that trucking is no longer a good field to go into. 20 or 30 years ago, truck drivers made relatively good money. Today, their earnings have eroded and many struggle to get by while working very long hours.

To shed some light on this situation, I went online, to Youtube of all places. There, I found a ton of videos posted by actual truckers who give advice about the industry. Below is one of the videos I found particularly informative:

The bottom line is that the negative qualities of the trucking industry may have been overstated by some. Based on my research, it seems you can still make a decent living as a truck driver, although they don’t make as much as they used to. This may change, however, as the nation is currently facing a shortage of truck drivers, as has been reported by many news outlets.