Is eating healthy enough to keep you in good condition?

Doctors always say diet and exercise are the keys to good health. But recently I’ve begun wondering if eating healthy by itself is enough.

Take vitamins and minerals, for example. There are quite a few that you need to get every day in order to preserve optimal health. And while it’s ideal to get all the vitamins and supplements you need through your diet, as a practical matter, doing such a thing is probably near impossible.

There are definitely tools online that help you calculate if you’re getting enough of each nutrient. But using such tools can be a hassle, and how many of us have the time to carefully plan each and every meal? Sometimes, we’re busy or in a hurry, and just eat whatever is available.

The bottom line is that you need some way to ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need. The optimal answer for me has been to take a daily multivitamin. This should never be viewed as a substitute for a good diet, however, I think it’s just a smart thing to do to make sure that you are covered.

While many people believe vitamins are a commodity, I have to disagree with this notion. From personal experience, I have noticed more energy from taking multivitamins offered by top-notch brands. I typically read product reviews on sites like Lucky Vitamin before choosing a brand.

If you’re trying to save money, it’s also a good idea to wait until there is a sale or you get your hands on a Lucky Vitamin coupon. At such a time, you can stock up on your vitamins by purchasing a 6-month supply. I don’t recommend buying more than this at once, since the potency of vitamins can deteriorate over time.