Good cars for people who date

It’s often said that having an appealing car can help your dating life. Although I’ve always had some doubts about this, it’s true that the card you drive has a lot to do with the type of person you are. It seems that sports cars and luxury cars remain a perennial favorite for many people.

online daterI’ve long thought that having a nice car can only help, but I am starting to have some doubts. After doing a bit of research, it seems to me that things like confidence and good manners go a much longer way toward attracting the opposite sex. Moreover, driving an expensive car can sometimes send the wrong message, since some people consider that as a mark of arrogance.

Of course, if both you and your date like cars, then that could be a potential topic of discussion during your date. But more often than not, it appears that cars aren’t as important as we may be led to believe based on tv shows and movies.

So what is the best way to find someone you are compatible with, regardless of the car you drive? To me, the ideal answer seems to be online dating. Sites such as are now household names, and with the busy lives most of us live, I find them to be a terrific option for meeting singles in your area.

To be sure, joining a large site like can’t hurt you, but not everyone may find to be the best solution. Some people prefer a compatibility matching site such as Eharmony instead. It’s hard to say which one will appeal to you better, so my advice is to get a free trial of each site and try them out for a period of time.

The free trial lasts 3 days and lets you communicate with other members. You can get this trial currently by going to the website, Even after the free trial is over, you can still search and browse other people’s profiles as long as you want.

As for Eharmony, you can also join for free and start receiving matches. You can’t go wrong joining either site, so my recommendation is to create accounts with both sites and stick with the one you feel more comfortable with.

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