A new dating site that lets you pay for dates

Today, I read about a site called “What’s Your Price” which is a dating site that allows members to buy and sell dates. If you are someone that may be considered desirable, you can sell dates, and people will bid on having a date with you. If you’re on the other end of the spectrum, you can buy dates with people you find desirable. The site is therefore like an Ebay, but the item being bought and sold are dates.

dateWhile I have to admit the idea is quite novel, this can’t possibly be a good way to meet someone you’re interested in. It gives people the wrong incentive to go on dates with people. For attractive people, it can be a way to make money while never taking any of your dates seriously. It might be fun to use the site to go on a handful of dates, but ultimately, I don’t think using sites like this is a smart way to go, if love is what you’re looking for.

Why not just try a traditional dating site? Sure, it’s harder than just paying a price to get a date with an attractive person, but do you really want someone to date you simply because you’re paying them? A reputable dating site such as and Eharmony will allow you to meet more genuine people who actually have an interest in YOU, and not your wallet.

My favorite traditional dating site is Eharmony, because it seems to attract the most down-to-earth people who are truly interested in finding love. The only scary part is that everyone on the site seems to be searching for a deep connection, and you may personally not be at a place in life where you are ready for that sort of commitment. But if you are, I highly suggest that you get an Eharmony free trial, join the site, and begin using it.

Things won’t happen overnight when you join a site like Eharmony, and you may need to be a member for several months before you finally meet someone with whom you make a strong connection. But it will cost less and be a more healthy process in the end, than joining a site like “What’s your price.” For this reason, I think using a tried and tested dating website is the smart way to go for the majority of single individuals out there.

Of course, your experiences and expectations may vary, so it’s best to get free trials at different dating sites and test the out to see which one appeals to you the most. I do this for just about any web service I end up subscribing to.

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