Some great games to look forward to in 2016

By all accounts, 2016 looks like it’s going to be a great year for gamers. Although 2016 is still about 2 months away, we already know some terrific games that will definitely be released sometime next year. Here are some of the games I’m personally looking forward to.

1. Horizon: Zero Dawn
This game may appeal to Tomb Raider fans, as it features a female heroine fighting giant, robotic dinosaurs. It is an open world RPG, the first of its kind from game maker Guerrilla Games.

2. Doom
The successor to Doom 4 will be available on Xbox One, PC, and PS4. The graphics for this game look amazing.

3. Mass Effect: Andromeda
This one won’t come out until late 2016, but the hype and anticipation is huge. Taking place many years after the original Mass Effect, this game will put you in all all new galaxy.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of great games we can play until these new titles come out. You may wonder how I am able to play hundreds of games, and the answer is simple: I have a Gamefly membership. As far as I’m concerned, Gamefly gives you the best value for your money. I just pay a monthly fee and get to rent as many games as I want. You can get yourself a 30-day Gamefly free trial from if you’re interested in checking out this service.

The best part is I don’t have to go anywhere to pick up the games, as they are delivered for free to my address.

Is trucking a good field to get into?

I’ve seen a number of news stories recently that talk about how trucking schools take advantage of students by taking their money and not adequately preparing them for a career in trucking. In addition I’ve read some articles that suggest that trucking is no longer a good field to go into. 20 or 30 years ago, truck drivers made relatively good money. Today, their earnings have eroded and many struggle to get by while working very long hours.

To shed some light on this situation, I went online, to Youtube of all places. There, I found a ton of videos posted by actual truckers who give advice about the industry. Below is one of the videos I found particularly informative:

The bottom line is that the negative qualities of the trucking industry may have been overstated by some. Based on my research, it seems you can still make a decent living as a truck driver, although they don’t make as much as they used to. This may change, however, as the nation is currently facing a shortage of truck drivers, as has been reported by many news outlets.

A new dating site that lets you pay for dates

Today, I read about a site called “What’s Your Price” which is a dating site that allows members to buy and sell dates. If you are someone that may be considered desirable, you can sell dates, and people will bid on having a date with you. If you’re on the other end of the spectrum, you can buy dates with people you find desirable. The site is therefore like an Ebay, but the item being bought and sold are dates.

dateWhile I have to admit the idea is quite novel, this can’t possibly be a good way to meet someone you’re interested in. It gives people the wrong incentive to go on dates with people. For attractive people, it can be a way to make money while never taking any of your dates seriously. It might be fun to use the site to go on a handful of dates, but ultimately, I don’t think using sites like this is a smart way to go, if love is what you’re looking for.

Why not just try a traditional dating site? Sure, it’s harder than just paying a price to get a date with an attractive person, but do you really want someone to date you simply because you’re paying them? A reputable dating site such as and Eharmony will allow you to meet more genuine people who actually have an interest in YOU, and not your wallet.

My favorite traditional dating site is Eharmony, because it seems to attract the most down-to-earth people who are truly interested in finding love. The only scary part is that everyone on the site seems to be searching for a deep connection, and you may personally not be at a place in life where you are ready for that sort of commitment. But if you are, I highly suggest that you get an Eharmony free trial, join the site, and begin using it.

Things won’t happen overnight when you join a site like Eharmony, and you may need to be a member for several months before you finally meet someone with whom you make a strong connection. But it will cost less and be a more healthy process in the end, than joining a site like “What’s your price.” For this reason, I think using a tried and tested dating website is the smart way to go for the majority of single individuals out there.

Of course, your experiences and expectations may vary, so it’s best to get free trials at different dating sites and test the out to see which one appeals to you the most. I do this for just about any web service I end up subscribing to.

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Money saving hacks for Amazon shoppers

This site is all about saving money. So we wanted to pass along a great article on CBS News about 7 ways you can save money at Amazon.

It might surprise you that joining Amazon Prime, the subscription service that gives you free 2-day shipping on everything you buy, is not one of the recommended strategies. Although getting free shipping might seem to save you money upfront, it turns out that Amazon Prime members end up spending more money on shopping on the whole. All said, spending more on shopping ends up not being the best way to save money.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Amazon Prime is not right for you. You just need to be aware that if you’re prime motive is to save money, joining such a program may end up having the opposite effect.

A step-by-step guide to printing on the internet

Whenever I need to have something like brochures, posters, or postcards printed, I turn to the Internet. Not only do I design these pieces using online tools, I also work with online printing companies to get them printed quickly. In this article, I will go over, step-by-step, how you can get online printing done inexpensively.

The first thing you’ll need to do is create the artwork for your printed item. This means you’ll have to gather images, logos, fonts, and anything else that will be used in the printed piece. If you have some design skills, you can use a program like Gimp or Photoshop to design your file. Most printers like Printplace offer templates you can use to make sure you have the dimensions correct.

If you do not have the ability to design printed materials, you can also choose to hire a designer online. The best place to find a cheap designer would be Fiverr, but there are many other sites you can go to in order to hire someone cheaply. Make sure you inspect samples of their work before hiring them. The good thing about using a cheap designer is that even if you’re not happy with the results and need to reorder, your overall cost will still be quite low.

The final step is choosing an online printing service. I recommend Printplace because they are not that expensive, particularly when you utilize a Printplace coupon, which you can get from Once you are at the website, select the product you want to order, and upload the artwork. Before finalizing your order, you will able to view a “proof” of the product online. There are several turnaround options you can choose at most printers. Obviously, the quicker turnaround times will cost more. If you are not in a rush, you can choose regular turnaround times, which usually means you’ll receive your printed product in a week or so.

I hope this quick guide gives you a good idea of how to get items printed online. It may seem like a lot to take in the first time you do it, but after you design and order a few products, the process should become quite familiar to you. Remember, you always want to use online coupons to get the best price possible. However, make sure you also work with a reputable printer like Printplace. Don’t just choose a printing service simply because they are the cheapest one out there. Many printers are cheap, but you will be sacrificing quality, and that to me is not a good deal at all since you will often end up having to reorder the item with a different printing service.

Good cars for people who date

It’s often said that having an appealing car can help your dating life. Although I’ve always had some doubts about this, it’s true that the card you drive has a lot to do with the type of person you are. It seems that sports cars and luxury cars remain a perennial favorite for many people.

online daterI’ve long thought that having a nice car can only help, but I am starting to have some doubts. After doing a bit of research, it seems to me that things like confidence and good manners go a much longer way toward attracting the opposite sex. Moreover, driving an expensive car can sometimes send the wrong message, since some people consider that as a mark of arrogance.

Of course, if both you and your date like cars, then that could be a potential topic of discussion during your date. But more often than not, it appears that cars aren’t as important as we may be led to believe based on tv shows and movies.

So what is the best way to find someone you are compatible with, regardless of the car you drive? To me, the ideal answer seems to be online dating. Sites such as are now household names, and with the busy lives most of us live, I find them to be a terrific option for meeting singles in your area.

To be sure, joining a large site like can’t hurt you, but not everyone may find to be the best solution. Some people prefer a compatibility matching site such as Eharmony instead. It’s hard to say which one will appeal to you better, so my advice is to get a free trial of each site and try them out for a period of time.

The free trial lasts 3 days and lets you communicate with other members. You can get this trial currently by going to the website, Even after the free trial is over, you can still search and browse other people’s profiles as long as you want.

As for Eharmony, you can also join for free and start receiving matches. You can’t go wrong joining either site, so my recommendation is to create accounts with both sites and stick with the one you feel more comfortable with.

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Is eating healthy enough to keep you in good condition?

Doctors always say diet and exercise are the keys to good health. But recently I’ve begun wondering if eating healthy by itself is enough.

Take vitamins and minerals, for example. There are quite a few that you need to get every day in order to preserve optimal health. And while it’s ideal to get all the vitamins and supplements you need through your diet, as a practical matter, doing such a thing is probably near impossible.

There are definitely tools online that help you calculate if you’re getting enough of each nutrient. But using such tools can be a hassle, and how many of us have the time to carefully plan each and every meal? Sometimes, we’re busy or in a hurry, and just eat whatever is available.

The bottom line is that you need some way to ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need. The optimal answer for me has been to take a daily multivitamin. This should never be viewed as a substitute for a good diet, however, I think it’s just a smart thing to do to make sure that you are covered.

While many people believe vitamins are a commodity, I have to disagree with this notion. From personal experience, I have noticed more energy from taking multivitamins offered by top-notch brands. I typically read product reviews on sites like Lucky Vitamin before choosing a brand.

If you’re trying to save money, it’s also a good idea to wait until there is a sale or you get your hands on a Lucky Vitamin coupon. At such a time, you can stock up on your vitamins by purchasing a 6-month supply. I don’t recommend buying more than this at once, since the potency of vitamins can deteriorate over time.

Why selecting a low-cost printer can be a mistake

printerWe are all trained to seek out the best deals possible. Therefore, when selecting an inkjet printer, many of us automatically gravitate toward the cheapest models. Inkjet printers have fallen dramatically in price over the last decade or so. If you go to office depot, you will find most models cost less than 100 dollars. Moreover, if you look online, you’ll find plenty of discount printers that boast a lot of great features and seem too good to be true.

The fact is, most printing manufacturers do not make a profit on inkjet printers they sell. Some of them even take a loss on the sale of printers. So how exactly do these manufacturers make any money? The answer is that they sell ink cartridges, and often times, such printer ink is marked up quite a bit.

Many printer buyers learn this the hard way. It happened to me as well. The first printer I bought was around $50, and I though I was getting a terrific deal. But when it came time to buy replacement printer ink cartridges, the cost was $30 a piece. To make matters worse, the cartridges did not last long at all, and I found myself having to buy a cartridge or two every couple of months. By the time the year was over, I had spend hundreds of dollars on ink alone.

So how can you avoid this situation? By doing research online, of course. Check the price of the inkjet cartridges for all the models you are considering. Cheap inkjet printer cartridges are not always a good thing if they do not last long. You must therefore also determine how many pages each cartridge will print out. One metric to use is something called cost per page. If a $30 cartridge is estimated to print 300 pages, the cost per page would therefore be 10 cents. Yes, it requires a bit of work to determine these things, but a little extra work at the outset can potentially save you a lot of money later.

For great deals on printer cartridges, I recommend taking advantage of these coupon codes.

Some different ways to quit smoking

For many decades now, it has been know that smoking is extremely harmful for your health. For this reason, millions of smokers attempt to quit every year. Unfortunately, the majority of them are unsuccessful. The good news is that today, there exist plenty of different tools to help you quit smoking, ranging from prescription medication to newer options such as electronic cigarettes. Here are a few you might want to consider if you have been unsuccessful at quitting smoking in the past.

1. Prescription drugs
Your results will vary, but prescription pills such as Chantix are worth trying. To be sure, even with the help of prescription pills, quitting smoking can still be a challenge. It’s not quite as easy as the commercials make it seem. But if you have not been able to quit using other means, you should definitely talk to your doctor about medications you can try.

2. Nicotine patches
People have varying results with patches, but they might be worth checking out. I personally don’t think patches are the most effective, since it does not address the oral element of smoking. Nevertheless, some people have good results using patches, so they are worth considering. Note that patches can be quite expensive, but you can also get generic brands at stores like Walmart and Target.

3. Nicotine lozenges and gum
Nicorette is probably the most famous brand of nicotine gums and lozenges, but there are other options out there as well.

4. E-cigarettes
Electronic cigarettes have only been on the market for a few years, but they have exploded in popularity. These devices look like regular cigarettes and deliver a vapor that contains nicotine. However, the do not contain all the other carcinogens found in regular tobacco smoke. Millions of people have begun using e-cigs in favor of regular cigarettes, so these products seem to have a lot of appeal. I recommend trying the Halo Cig brand if you decide to try this approach to quitting smoking. Check out to get Halo e-cigarettes at a discount using current online coupons.

Or go to this link for more information on e-cigs.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Car Shopping Endeavor

Are you considering a new car? Is the process scaring you? Relax and absorb all of the information here. It was written by experts that want to help you throughout the process and make things much simpler.

Research both your car and your dealer before negotiations. This helps you prepare yourself for the negotiation phase. In addition, being aware of the dealer’s customer reviews can prevent the dealer from ripping you off.

Whenever you’re in the market for a car, understand that you are going to spend quite a bit of time at the dealership. You do not have to be rushed and go for a deal that is not good. It is in your best interest to set aside an entire morning or afternoon. If you don’t have time, don’t fear leaving and returning another time.

As you shop for your car, think about fuel economy. For example, it may seem like a good idea to purchase a V-8 with towing capability. This can help you to maximize on the features that you are presented with.

If you worry about resisting strong-arm sales tactics, take a friend along on your shopping trip. Try bringing a relative or friend to ask important questions and negotiate offers. Tell this person what you want and how much you can spend.

Every month a salesman usually has a quota to reach. Use this to your advantage and shop for your car at month-end. Salespeople who have not yet made their quota will be more willing to negotiate in order to seal the deal. Doing so gives you an advantage during negotiation.

Rent different cars you like. This allows you to learn more about the cars you are considering. Take a trip to get an idea of how the car drives and its features. This is an effective way to get acquainted with that type of car before you make the commitment to purchase.

You should go shopping for a car towards the last part of the month. At most dealerships, the salesmen are trying to reach a certain quota for the amount of cars they have sold. The sales staff may be behind and need your sale to meet their goals.

Buying a new car is an exciting, but challenging, experience. That said, you can at least comparison shop online. There are many sites that allow you to comparison shop across a variety of makes and models. These searches allow you to make the process more manageable, allowing you to get more done with less money.

As you shop for your car, it is smart to take a disinterested companion. They can assist you with preventing mistakes like emotional decisions. They can even go on the test drive with you to point out issues they notice.

Once you find a car in which you are interested, check it out carefully. Inspect the exterior of the car for scratches and dents. Look inside for carpet stains or damaged upholstery. Keep in mind that after you make the deal, the car belongs to you. This includes every imperfection that comes with it.

Do not allow yourself to be intimidated or bullied into making a purchase. Walk out and do not return. Don’t let cheap sales tactics keep you there any longer. Lie if you have to. Leave immediately! There are other dealers who would love to help you.

Wait a bit prior to purchasing brand new models of any car. If you wait for awhile for that brand new car, you can save some money. Give it a few months to allow the hype to ease up then go looking to buy one.

Rebates need to be found beforehand. Some dealerships offer rebates in order to sell a car quickly. Dishonest dealerships may not even discuss a rebate. As a result, they’ll take your car back and you won’t even know.

When you finally have your perfect offer, then bring up your trade in. You might not get what you think you deserve for your older vehicle, but have some flexibility in negotiations because you are shaving off the cost of the newer car. Ultimately, you feel you have run the gauntlet and are prepared to make a deal.

Consider the way you will drive your car when you choose the type. If you drive a lot on the highway, you should invest in a vehicle with excellent mileage for instance by choosing a hybrid. Figuring this out will help you find the car that best fits your needs.

You should test drive the vehicles you are interested in. There are problems that may arise during the test drive that don’t come up at other times. Do as much testing as you can so there will be no surprises after the contracts are signed.

Are you feeling a bit more confident, now? The suggestions found here are invaluable and will only enhance your car buying adventure. Let others know what you’ve learned so they can shop smarter, too.